Dr Tony Minervino Show

The intent of this radio show is to provide a forum for conversations among knowledgeable researchers, developers and experiencers about the technologies available in our world today to enable any individual to master their mind, experience good health, and begin to access their own higher dimensional aspects, and be active participants in effecting the shift of the ages - what we know as Ascension for themselves, everyone, and the Earth.

We'll also be putting some political, psychological, neuro-linguistic and legal awareness into the mix - its definitely time for a change in the type of thinking that's running the world - to change the world, we have to change ourselves - and to change ourselves, we have to change whats going on between our ears.
NOW - Let's change the world and take the human experience to the next level - TOGETHER!!!

Dr Tony Minervino


Sunday 03 May 15
Sunday 26 April 15
Sunday 12 April 15
Sunday 05 April 15
Sunday 29 March 15