Dawn's Diorama

Dawn's Diorama a show where a wide variety of guests join me on the virtual sofa for a coffee and to share their experiences and knowledge to provoke critical thought. Dawn's Diorama is an exciting plunge into the depths of the rabbit hole. Previous guests on the show have included Infowars Dan Bidondi, Holland Van Den nieuwenhof, Fritz Springmeier, Mikael Thalen, Max Bliss & Mona Norman, Alexander Penley, Pete Griffiths, Ruthann Amarteifio, Kyle Phillips, Anthony Kort, Nyrees Titchener, Damon Leff, Jeremy Porter & the D'Ark City Crew.


Sunday 17 August 14
Sunday 11 May 14
Sunday 11 May 14
Sunday 04 May 14
Sunday 02 February 14