Dan's main interests are music and technology. He has played drums for Sam and The Plants (signed to Twisted Nerve Records), Piston Funk Machine and has 1 last gig remaining with iamtenninja. He used to promote Lancs underground heroes (trans)element who were faves of John Peel (and Oceansize and many others..) and it was through these characters that Dan acquired and released the official (but very much unfinished) video for Pink Floyd's 'Jugband Blues' - their last track to feature Pink Floyd's founder, Syd Barrett. Dan's first computer was the Atari VCS - the game console with the fake wooden panels. From that he graduated to the C64 and Amiga machines and got tempted into PC land by DOOM. In '96 he installed Slackware Linux 3.1 (kernel 1.2.13) on the crappy 386/486 or whatever he had then and his life would never be the same. That was also the year he started to play drums - pivotol times! Since then, Dan has gifted the world with the first 1-click DVD creator app for Linux - konqkonv, the first graphical disk formatting tool for Linux - zenformat amongst numerous other little tools and scripts. Dan is also the author of the documentation for both JACKLAB and KXStudio and he played a major role in the testing and design of major Linux audio apps such as Ardour, qtractor, Muse and many others.


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