My first venture into radio came about when my long term friend Dan Bidondi invited me onto his Truth Radio Show. I appeared a couple of times and our on air chemistry went so well that he invited me to join his crew and be his european correspondant. I briefly participated. However the time difference became a stumbling block. Then one day I met Vosto and he introduced me to D'Ark City Radio and I joined in the early days and quickly found my feet interviewing a couple of people on a D'ark City Show on Sunday nights I caught the bug and took over the 9pm - 10pm UK Time Slot these months have passed so fast. If I were to look back at the callibre of guests i've had on I could smile proudly at what I have a achieved in a short space of time. However, I've never been one to blow my own trumpet although I do maintain a feeling of satisfaction at being a part of this magical experience. I do this voluntarily first and foremost for the love of it! and the opportunity to meet a whole host of diverse, intelligent and fascinating examples of the human species. When I'm not doing radio I spend a lot of time at my acting group preparing for shows and I have a strong passion for music, in particular singing.


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