Polly Jo Labbe

founder of the Trinity School of Mystical Energy in Western Mass, is a renown healer and educator who has studied with Sonia Choquette, Lisa Campion and Rhys Thomas. Polly's depth and breath of both traditional and energy medicine enables her to accomplish her mission of "healing the healer". She is a Usui Reiki Master Teacher and Six Sensory Practitioner. Her areas of expertise include AromaTouch Technique, Angelic Essence Healing, Marconics, Psychic Development, Tarot, Empath Work. Polly Jo studied at the Rhys Thomas Institute of Energy Medicine and received her BA in Education from UMass with a concentration in Dance and minors in Psychology and Mathematics. She is the former owner of Heart & Soul Center, Heart & Soul Dance Academy and Hilltown Dance Center. She is also the former National President of the National Association of Dance and Affiliated Arts, Inc. In May 2013 her energy went through a major shift, activating many parts of her energy system that had been lying dormant. Since that day she has been given numerous additional ancient healing techniques, a heightened vibrational level of Reiki, healing recipes using only the purest essential oils, healing meditations and channeled guidance from numerous Saints and ascended masters. Last year she was guided to do a pilgrimage to visit John of God in Brazil where she simply asked for her gifts to be opened fully, to know what to do with them and to release any fear blocking her from her mission. There, the message containing the curriculum for Trinity School of Mystical Energy Healing was received through her. Polly Jo is also the co-founder of the NOURISH YOUR AWESOMENESS SYMPOSIUM.


The I Am Show - Polly Jo Labbe - Thursday 28 January 16