Dr Tony Minervino

Dr Tony Minervino is a Chiropractor, Light Body Healer, Remote Healer, Counselor, Teacher, Coach, and Inspirational Speaker. His primary interest is Healing, Consciousness, Transformation and Ascension Technology - He has created self-healing and consciousness technologies that enable one to raise their frequency, expand their consciousness, and access the knowledge contained in their expanded, higher dimensional aspects. He is convinced that the solution to all the apparent problems and challenges that confront us in our world today is to “change what’s going on between our ears” - “Unless there is a shift in consciousness, there is no true healing (personal or planetary), only fixing.” His passion is to introduce the principles and operational mechanics of “InterDimensional Translocation” - the ability to move beyond time-space, experience other dimensions of reality consciously, explore our multidimensional nature, shift our consciousness, and “take the human experience to the next level.” The intent of his radio show is to provide a forum for conversations among knowledgeable researchers, developers and experiencers about the technologies available in our world today to enable any individual to master their mind, experience good heath, and begin to access their own higher dimensional aspects, and be active participants in effecting the “shift of the ages” - what we know as “Ascension” for themselves, everyone, and the Earth. NOW - Let’s change the world and take the human experience to the next level - TOGETHER!!! Dr Tony Minervino http://www.TheHealingBusiness.com DrTony@TheHealingBusiness.com Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/DrTony33 Skype: drtonyminervino


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