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We apologise that we have not been in touch earlier but have had a massive work load. Thank you for all your support I am writing you this email to update you on the project so far. With still no word from Saltamonte Verde regarding achieving the primary aims of the statues and the legal position of the association.

We have been continuing the project over here in Spain with great success; in only four months we have got the communal grow contracts set up, started the seed bank, and the first cross breeding has been untaken with back crossing and genetically stabilization needed. Some testing of stabilization of genetics has been done as can be seen in the latest video this has highlighted some of the problem growers have been having around in producing high levels of CBD and THC with such a large variants in plants produced from seed. We have started the research and are recording all the data. DCCC have got test grows indoors and outdoors therefore catering for all types of growers. Others are currently on route to produce their own DCO, putting responsibility for their own health back in the hands of the people. Alternative association paper work has been started in the event that we still do not hear anything from Saltamonte Verde.

The communal grow is open with membership fees ranging from 12 euros up to 720 a year, between 1200 members at the minimum membership fee and 20 at the full membership fee, of cause 12 euros a year would be a share in an actual plant were 720 euros would be 3 whole plants totally 14,400 euros a year our approximate annual costs, please note all staff are voluntary and cover their own costs and expenses at this time. As this is a compassionate research grow there is no issues with supply and all members are donating the total production to the research and the production DCO and other medical treatments. Any members taking part in the research can be supplied DCO for up to 6 months. Although there is only 20 full memberships spaces at present the system can easily be expanded to accommodate others. Other growers are ready to house indoor grows but we do not have the equipment or funding to do this at this time. The communal grow members will have a share of the plants and will be legally responsible for them under Spanish law. Members will be able to obtain seeds from DCCC we will also be running workshops on how to produce high grade medical cannabis for members this will be at a cost but all money goes back into the project.

DCCC decided to use their own funds and get on with what we came out here to do. Now with all our personal finances and credit just over 10,000 euros which has covered the set up and running costs for four months. With an minimum running cost 14,400 euros a year. We have just about run out of our own money so are left with the very difficult decision of either use the last bit to get home or pay another months 1200 euros for the next month. As we have got so far we have decided to do awareness and fund raising campaign.

Other ways in which people can assist is by making a one off payment through the dark city radio web site, there is a donation button or by spreading word of what we are doing. We will be making more videos to keep everyone updated on all the work we are carrying out. Those that do wish to become members will be added to the members group where regular update will be posted along with any information we have, it will be a place where we come together and share knowledge and experiences.

more info here https://plus.google.com/109172439185284027735