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17 March 15 09H55

cc.darkcityradio.com update 3 and 4

Update 3 and 4-2015

Update 3-2015

Association for DCCC is underway papers have gone in this will take 3 to 6 months not a lot more we can do on that front until the paperwork returns.

The test results are back and we did great and now know we are getting it right THC at 72% and 65% with high CBD this test was pulled out by the man at Cana labs as being an exhalant medical oil also made a little video of oil being decard at the right temppirsher this little bit of video proves that oil decarded at less that 100c will still have THCA and could never get to 95% full story to come soon

New web site as moved along but I can not tell you when its going to be ready, we just have to wait and see but i am going to start posting to the DC blog page there will be a members only on the new site but that's a long way of and i want to keep you more up to date on the work getting done here in Spain and in the UK

The social club we been working close to over the last 10 months has not moved yet but the move is still on, i was at the AGM, I did think at one point they were getting vending machine for food but it turn out, to be food at the new venue. I really need to improve my Spanish but with help from other members i could just about keep up. great to be part of there group here in Spain.

Run to the cure is still on for the summer but I have heard nothing from the jeep in weeks but just know Dave's on the job...we got to find the funding to make this happen, even with the new old jeep we still need the cameras and fuel etc. will post a wish list soon as we hear from Dave again

Our seed bank is far from being done, we made a good start and been testing lots of seeds and so far it looks like the problems most face is with the seeds being to old seems to be a lot of suppliers of seeds holding stock for a long time and i have only found one that dates the seed I have meet with this company and I am sure we will be offering there seed on the new web site.

The out door grow will give us the cannabis to test next year our little research grow can never produce all the cannabis we need this grow will be up to 30 plants max. this will cost about 1500 and then minimal cost every year

Systems I use here indoor and out doors will be made in to module so you can do the same if you are of a mind, the system I use have all been tried and tested for years and i hope the growing method which i put all my spear time it to wrighting will take you step by step to your own high quality cannabis

The filming that's should start next Monday the 23rd may not go ahead as we been let down by the camera crew but this is not a total loss as the producer is coming anyway so another let wait and see

it all looks good for sure and i am sure at some point this will be paying for it self, we paid the rent last month on credit again so don't think we don't need your help but ples ples ples done tell me your going to do something and not do it, and don't forget we started with nothing.

Update 4-2015


Update 5 and 6
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