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17 March 15 08H47

cc.darkcityradio.com update 1 and 2

Update 1 and 2-2015

Update 1-2015

now with member growing and more joining every week its time to look at setting up the Association for DCCC you will here more on this over the next few month. we can not take any more member to the medical grow at this time as the membership is now full but we have started a waiting list and are looking at rising funds to expand the grows we are now geting ready for the summer

The social club we been working close to over the last 9 months is getting the long awaited test and should have them back next week, the club has set it up for DCCC to send its test direct to the testing labs from now on.

member can join the social club here that we are working with, they will help us set up the DCCC Association soon, we have been going most week now one of us visits the social club really nice group working hard to get this plant to other that need or just want it, the club will be moving to a new home this month.

the new web site is under way with the return of my brother Robo hippy and Sarah working all hour to make the dream real

the run to the cure is back on for the summer the jeep will be rebuilt by the legend rally driver now pro rally car builder. DCDave we are hoping the jeep will have live video stream on board so you can all join in even if you can not make the trip with us again we got to find the funding to make all this happen,

starting to miss England just a bit now. you never know with all the great work being done with cannabis at the moment I may be able to return some day and do what i know and love. but until we see real change we are all we got

I just like to thank everyone that's helping now and that has helped we did all this on next to nothing and we still not nothing but we did it, and we are not stopping, join us, help us, become us, together we are changing this world one small price at a time

Update 2-2015

With Doctors now prescribing cannabis treatments in the UK, using the recently developed drug Sativex, and the law having always maintained that cannabis had no medical value - we now find ourselves asking the question of who has got it wrong? Is it that the Misuse of Drugs Act is wrong, or is it the rest of the world that is wrong?

However, we DO know that many GP's in the UK are starting to tell their cancer patients to seek out D.C.O. before, in tandem with, or instead of conventional treatment methods. A good doctor will know that non-invasive treatment should be offered to all patients before any kind of invasive treatment is considered. If your doctor does not subscribe to this theory, then you have a bad doctor!

Until we see radical changes to the law in Britain, WE are just going to have to do the right thing. At D.C.C.C. we grow, make and TEST our oil, which is guaranteed to be made from 100% pure cannabis from carefully selected plants which are grown especially for medicinal use. Because of our stringent, controlled growing and testing methods, our dedicated team are 100% certain that our D.C.O. is as beneficial to its consumers as it can possibly be....a claim that cannot be backed up by many growers!

Working with like-minded people from all around the world, we started with the idea of being able to offer sanctuary to others who were facing the madness - where they could take time out to find themselves and their inner strength to deal with their health situations, get advice, strength and positivity from fellow members and above all, start to heal with the help of the outlawed cannabis plant and its health-giving properties. Spain was the place where
we chose to set up home and now, after a difficult start, we are almost there! We have cannabis, we have oil and we have a new network.

We are able to offer limited membership at present...our number has to be kept down to ensure we can always guarantee our supply to our needy members so we work to the policy of "one at a time". We like to see all our members as individuals with different needs and we do all we can to put growers and users side-by-side. Every member is a doorway to our group and we like to keep the links in the chain strong. It has been a long, hard road to bring the members what we feel they should be entitled to have if they so wish, and soon we will be expanding. Every member has something to bring to the table - and everyone can

For now we are in Spain, but we know that like all good things, in time it will spread all over the world.If you are someone who is hoping for something good to happen and cannot wait in vain for the law to be changed, then you need to talk to us NOW.

Author: Bob