• Sundays round tabble its your radio sunday night with The Darkcity Show "You never know on dark city radio" with all the crew and you call the show live "have your say"

    30 June 2014 17H34

  • Sundays "The Week in Bitz" new show, new host and a new out look from the Dark city not to be missed "The Week in Bitz"

    30 June 2014 17H31

  • Fridays Do you want to know what realy happen in the passed????? then its Divergent History With Myles Crisp and Guests

    30 June 2014 17H29

  • Fridays GET THEM GREENS GROWING with The Permaculture Show from around the world and Birmingham staring Nyrees and Guests

    30 June 2014 17H26

  • Fridays Fracking Frackers Feeling Fracking Friday THEY ARE RIGHT UNDER YOUR FEET

    30 June 2014 17H23

  • Fridays Vosto LIVE with the one and only VOSTO if you want to surive the inter net dont miss the Vosto

    30 June 2014 17H21

  • Thursdays The DARK CITY NEWS with The Paxmundi show Interviews and Chat from 7 to 9pm every weeks with Paxmundi

    30 June 2014 17H19

  • Wednesdays The Darkcity Show "Look out they are back!" Sarah Scot Kevin Harry (paul) Nyrees Bob and you onlu if you call the show;-)

    30 June 2014 17H17

  • from Tuesdays 8th July on DarkCityRadio The I Am Show is back with Sarah

    30 June 2014 17H15

  • Tuesdays on DarkCityRadio Its Astrology with Joel Blacker

    30 June 2014 17H12




The I Am Show - 29 July 14
The Darkcity Show - 27 July 14
The Week in Bitz - 27 July 14
Vosto - 25 July 14
Fracking Frackers - 25 July 14

Thursday 31 July 2014 2:16am


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